Live Interview on You Tube

November 2016 we will be doing a live interview, Time and Date will announced here and on social media.. During the interview we will be talking about a new banking system that will be accessible from anywhere on Earth, the Lunar surface and even Mars. Mark it on your calendars. This system will benefit all of us.

Live Feed on YOU TUBE

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A few of the topics.

What is 1st Space Bank?

1st Space Bank, Inc. is the frontrunner of an international Space Commerce system based on blockchain technology.

How does 1st Space Bank work?

1st Space Bank Earth based operations will issue Transparent Bank-Cards that will work with people’s smart phones to easily and securely access the banking service network. The Transparent Bank-Cards will utilize multiple biometric security systems to ensure safe access to the system. The transaction uses a bi-directional highly encrypted code from the user to the operations system and then to the space based data center for processing. The transaction will then be encrypted within a blockchain and distributed to the highly secure public worldwide blockchain registry. Initially this system will operate only here on Earth but the intent is to expand its use to also access your 1st Space Bank services anywhere in space.