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Frustration & Optimism–A Decade Into A New Spaceflight Era

“It really has been frustrating to be 10 years into commercial space, 10 years from the X Prize, and not see a proliferation of activity, of people flying regularly,” Brett Alexander, director of business development and strategy for Blue Origin, said. READ MORE…..

The Future of Humanity

The future of humanity depends on many things some we can control others we can’t. Society these days dictates how we behave and in some cases our future. Each individual is responsible for the future of man and whether we evolve into an intelligent, productive and progressive species. We are becoming more and more intelligent as each century passes. But this article is not just about mankind it is about how we have in our hands (our minds) the ability to change. READ MORE…..

 Not Financing Our Space Program Puts Our Country in Grave Danger

The ignorance of not financing our space program leaves us and our country at risk.

Are you guys kidding me? Are you so naive to think no one can afford to go to the moon and beyond?

As an American citizen I find it appalling that financing the future of our space program is secondary or of very low importance these days. It is my opinion that if we don’t get our heads out of our dark spot other countries will claim the Moon or Mars as their domain. Not financing our space programs and entrepreneurs will leave us at a grave disadvantage. If another country lands on the moon and claims it as their domain they could place weapons there that would have the capabilities to shoot down any vehicle that approaches let alone targets on earth.

Even though we have sent a few more dollars to NASA it isn’t enough.

If I was a government official in China or Russia I would see the USA not financing the future or our space programs aggressively is an open door and great opportunity of gaining a foothold in space and surpassing the USA in the race for space. China has already landed a rover on the moon and has plans to do more and writing new space laws. Russia is planning to build their own Space Station beginning in 2020. Other countries are already doing more in space than we are. They see the importance of and the economic value of the space industry as a whole. READ MORE….

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Our future High Rise Office Complex in Space

Our Future High Rise Office in Space will be the desired work place of tomorrow.

Once only dreamed about it will soon be the ultimate place to work. Although employees will be limited to a few months in space it is still the desired place to work. This office, hotel, and apartment complex is about 10 to 20 years away. If we can build and ship the parts to orbit at a reasonable price it is feasible to do today but the current costs make it prohibitive. READ MORE……

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