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About 1st Space Bank

1st Space Bank is a visionary concept in banking one that will make banking history. It will change the way banking is done on Earth, on Mars, the Moon or anywhere we travel in our solar system. Access your accounts from horizon to horizon, north, south, east, or west from anywhere on planet Earth and beyond we are your bank and the bank of the future.

1st Space Bank is the ultimate offshore bank at 23,000 miles above the equator in Geostationary Orbit, making 1st Space Bank a truly global bank and making the world as we know it even smaller and more accessible to the masses.

Space Finance

We are the first financial system in the world to finance the Space Industry. Call us or email us your needs for financing or use the form below. You may hold the key to the next great idea. We can finance your start-up, your latest invention, even if you have just the idea our team of experts can help you. We can take you from just a dream or idea to full production and make you a success.

1st Space Bank is interested in providing financing for the Space Industry. We are not your typical Venture Capital firm, in fact we don’t consider ourselves in that class at all. We are interested primarily in getting humanity into space for exploration, tourism, and commerce. We take an unusual approach to accomplishing that goal. We consider your idea, invention and you the individual as an asset. We do not exploit what your are trying to accomplish for our financial gain. Our goal is simple to make it easier to finance your ideas and dreams. We will do our part all along the way by providing you the capital you need. We also provide you with mentors, advisers, and other expertise to make  you successful. We have a vision and mission to get humanity into space sooner and faster than our current pace.

We look at the feasibility of your idea and we do what we call, “work a rounds”. By that we mean what ever problem arises or exists we help you look for a solution to the problem. If you are traveling down a road and run into a mountain you have three choices; dig a tunnel, climb over, or go around. We look for individuals that are willing to face these obstacles and choose the best solution possible. We do not finance quitters or anyone that says sit can’t be done. We are in the business of financing Space Ventures of all kinds. Don’t be shy fill out the form below. Do not give us any information that you feel needs to be safeguarded. We just want to know what you want to finance, and a brief description. Remember emails are not the safest way to communicate these days. We will contact you to get more information about your idea and your financing needs.

About the Bank: Mini banking platform to be launched in 2015
Mini banking platform to be launched in 2017


Business and Personal Banking

Business and Personal Banking

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