Transparent Bank Card™

Transparent Bank-Card™

The Bank Card of the Future in your Pocket.

Transparent Bank Card™  The Center for Starship Development is developing the Transparent Bank Card™ for us and for the financial community.

We are dedicated to making your financial experience as easy as your thumb-print on your phone or touch screen device is today. We are the only company that will offer privacy, global transactions, and the ultimate in technological advances.

With just your thumb-print you can access your account and transfer funds from one account to another. You can monitor all of your investment portfolios, credit cards, debit cards, ID’s, passports and much more with our new device.

What makes this bank card so unique is that none of your information is stored on the device itself, with the exception of the time it takes to transmit and receive data from our servers. It only stores the software needed to activate the card. It is the most advanced and secure bank card today.

This technology is the first step into the future of banking technology. Future technology that we developing is a device that uses your DNA as a secure measure of identification. It is so tiny that it can be implanted into your body or if you prefer a piece of jewelry that activates the moment you put it on.  Our future technology will depend a great deal on how small components become and whether or not we can use biological materials safely as components for chips.

We are offering this at the unbelievably low price of $450 dollars or free when you deposit $5,000 dollars or more into a new account.

The prototype is being developed now and will be a future generation of our first prototype seen here.

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Transparent Bank Card COM-SAT
Transparent Bank Card COM-SAT