Personal Banking

Personal Banking

Our personal banking system is more secure and more reliable than current banks. Why? Because we have redesigned the entire banking platform and we use the highest most advanced methods of encryption. It is not accessible from the world wide web and can only be accessed using our state of the art equipment.

To open an account you must deposit cash and your cash will be converted to Space Dollars a digital currency similar to Bit Coin. You can also use your Bit-Coins to make a deposit to your account. We are offering to all new customers a conversion rate of £1 (British Pound) for S$13.50 (Space Dollar). This will give you 13.5 times more to spend for the things you need and want.

We do not charge an overdraft fee because everything takes place in real time and if you don’t have it you can’t make the purchase. But wait we can help! We will loan you the money you need and take the payments from your account every month automatically. Kind of like overdraft protection you may have at your bank now. The difference is we charge you interest on the money we loan to you and it isn’t much.

1st Space Bank was set up to help finance the Space Industry and in the process we wanted to give consumers around the world an opportunity to have access to a more convenient bank that you can use to get to your money no matter where you are on planet Earth or even on the Moon or Mars. Our way of thinking is to give you access to your money anywhere in our Solar System.

Because the Space Dollar is a digital currency you don’t have to carry your wallet with you just our specially designed card that interacts with our bank platform in space.