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Every country in the world had to create a financial system to be able to function in the past and present global market place. 1st Space Bank is doing the exact same thing. The difference is that our banking system is outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

We are creating a new banking and financial system for everyone on Earth to use. This system will help create new jobs and new job classifications which do not exist today. It will finance the Space Industry and Space commerce and help move us into a new age of prosperity.

Our banking platform and operating system is a closed system and only accessible from one of our devices. Your satellite banking device will give you access to all of your accounts at 1st Space Bank.


1st Space Bank to Build Micro Satellite Banking Platform

1st Space Financial Systems will build and launch a micro satellite prototype to test our new banking platform and its system by mid 2019.

This micro satellite will be used in conjunction with our Transparent Bank Card™ to be operational late (2019)

The testing of these two systems will pave the way for 1st Space Financial Systems to build a new banking platform and entire banking system for the future. A system that is more secure and has the ability to open the doors for global transactions to take place anywhere on the planet.

1SFII bank platform

These are just a few of our advantages and what gives us an edge over the competition. Using the latest technology and encryption coding we will create a new banking system that will become a model for other banks to follow. Instead of offering fixes we are building everything from scratch. After looking at and analyzing the current problems facing financial institutions we decided that it is best to build a new system.  Because the banking platform is being built from the ground up we have the opportunity to build all the necessary protocols for security and safety from the beginning. Our system will also include the ability to use GPS tracking giving us the ability to know where each and every transaction comes from and to whom it goes to.

1st Space Bank will Finance New Bank Card

Transparent Bank-Card™

The Bank Card of the Future in your Pocket

Dedicated to making your financial experience as easy as your thumb-print on your phone or touch screen device. As a new bank card in the financial community we will be the only company that will offer privacy, global transactions, and the ultimate in technological advances. With just your thumb-print you can access your account and transfer funds from one account to another. You can monitor all of your investment portfolios, credit cards, debit cards, ID’s, passports and much more with our new device. What makes our device so unique is that none of your information is stored on the device itself, with the exception of the time it takes to transmit and receive data from our servers. It only stores the software needed to activate the card.

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All of your accounts in one place, private and secure. No more wallets to carry full of credit cards, and cash to worry about being stolen. No more typing in your user ID and password at your financial institution.

Our device features a thumbprint scanner that can be set to scan all ten digits to make it very secure. Most of our users will only use one thumbprint but you have the option to make it more secure. Still paranoid about others accessing your information? Not to worry it comes with voice recognition software and an iris scanner to verify your identity. The thumbprint scanner has additional features that make it virtually the best in technology. It also reads your body temperature, heart rate, and your blood pressure. once activated it gives you the vitals on a scrolling marquee, just tap the marquee and see your vital signs on screen.

These are just a few of the features we have put into your Transparent Bank Card. The Transparent Bank Card–Plus comes with more advanced technology.

The roll out of this device is the latter part of 2019.

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