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1st Space Bank Account Pre-Registration

You can pre-register for your own Space Bank Account today for $100. You will be assigned a new account number and as soon as they are available,  you will be first in line to receive a new Transparent Bank Card® for FREE.

Why do you want to pre-register?

  1. To be first to receive a FREE Transparent Bank Card®
  2. First to have an account in space that is secure and safe.
  3. As an added bonus you will receive 100,000 more funds in our new currency.
  4. That is not all, you also get more new currency when you deposit cash from your current bank at a rate as high as 13.5 times more.
    1. Conversion rates will be determined using our new Currency Value Index.
  5. Being first allows you in on our banking news and updates before the rest of the world knows.
  6. You will always be first to help pioneer a new bank and financial system.
  7. Being first also gets you first in line for any new technology, new deals, and new savings we may offer in the future.

Use the form below to pre-register.