The Future High Rise Office in Space

Future Employees Can Work in Space

Our Future High Rise Office in Space
A futuristic look at Bank Operations Space Command

The Future High Rise Office in Space will be the desired work place of tomorrow.

Once only dreamed about it will soon be the ultimate place to work. Although employees will be limited to a few months in space it is still the desired place to work. This office, hotel, and apartment complex is about 10 to 20 years away. When we have the capabilities to build and ship the parts to orbit at a reasonable price it is feasible today but the current launch costs make it prohibitive.

Using 3d printer technology and some of the new light weight building materials we can build this facility in less than 3 years. As we said earlier it all depends on the cost of transporting major components to orbit.

Once we have companies like Virgin Galactic and others that are building the space craft to get us there and back then it will also be the ultimate destination for honeymoons, business meetings, or any special event that you might want to use to wow your clients. It isn’t going to be a giant high rise, but more like a 3 story building here on Earth. But the views will be out of this world.

Because of the lack of gravity time is limited to a few months and a maximum of six months. Book your stay today for the future. Just call us and put a 10% deposit down to hold your reservation. Is it expensive? Yes it is and only a few will be able to go in the beginning but 1st Space Bank plans to make it reasonably priced for everyone. Because we are a bank we will finance it for you. Eventually the cost will be less than the cost of a new car. But the memories and experience is priceless.

Everyone of our employees will have the opportunity to work in our new facility if they desire. As a special note to those reading this article soon you can apply for the position of Astronaut Bank Technician.



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