Commercial Banking


Commercial banking is for all businesses large or small. Commercial banking is broken down into smaller segments for easier and better banking needs.

In order to for us to finance the Space Industry we looked at the current needs and the current available funds from banks around the globe. As we researched and discovered using the analogy of financing the Starship Enterprise from the TV Series Star Trek. We tried to determine a reasonable cost to build a small version of the Starship Enterprise in space and the conservative amount of money we used was $15 trillion dollars. Even this figure might not have been enough using the current methods and means to get into space. The best guesstimate figure was more in the line of $100 to $200 trillion to build a space dock, methods of assembly, personnel and mining asteroids for materials so it can be built in space .

We discovered that there are no banks or group of banks on the planet that has the capabilities to finance the Space Industry on a large scale.

  • Example: To finance a company that would require $3 trillion is almost impossible and would require numerous banks and countries to do so.
  • We also discovered that their is a need to finance Governments in a manner that will prevent inflation and still spur the Global Economy.

The direction we had to take was to set up a bank outside the parameters of the current banking controls that would give us freedom to create a new banking system with its own currency (Space Dollar is a digital currency **See notes) . The bank itself will take the best of all laws and regulations and  build a banking system that will meet the needs of Earths Global Population. We will not replace or render any current system or currency useless or devalue any system currently in place. Our intention is to build a new system that is instantaneous and more secure than what is available. Our objective is to build on what we have and give humanity a new and better system that will serve the needs of humanity as a Space Faring Race and/or Society. A system that will be available to anyone anywhere in our solar system and beyond.

As with most banks on planet Earth we stay profitable by fees for our services. Unlike Earth bound banks we can charge lower fees to you thereby giving you more to your bottom line. This is our ultimate goal and we will work hard to make sure you are profitable. Because if your are profitable so are we.

The idea behind 1st Space Bank is to create an institution where banking is done in real time eliminating middlemen and unnecessary fees to you. Our goal is not to force Earth Based Banks out of business but to open up an alternative method of banking.

We set a high amount of available funds solely for the purpose of financing the Space Industry. With $1 Quadrillion Space Dollars we hope to advance the Space Industry on a scale that cannot be accomplished using today’s banking systems. This will reduce the amount of time from 100 years to one tenth of that for Space Industry businesses in their development stages. In other words we hope to advance the Space Industry from the current snails pace to that of warp speed. Technology is advancing exponentially every year and we need to keep up with the speed which we are advancing.

We will soon begin to make loans for all businesses from S$5,000 Space Dollars to S$1 trillion. We will also begin loaning money to start-ups and those with inventions. Even though we will be more lenient than your conventional bank, angel investors, venture capitalists we still have some very rigorous steps before we give you a loan.