How to Become a Millionaire for $100

One Million Shares for $100

Current Stock Price  $.00011 USD

Vol. 26.1m

This is a for a limited time for qualified investors**.

This is not an offering of sale of stock in 1st Space Bank it is merely an announcement that you could own one million shares of stock in the first bank to do business from space.

We are working on new technology that will make current banking systems look like dinosaurs. Are we there yet? Not hardly! It is going to take a ton of investors to get to the point we need to be, during the next five years.

There are many avenues of opportunity for you as an investor in the first bank in space and you must get in on the ground floor today. We have several prospective banks ready for take-over that are now trading on one of the major exchanges. Once the mergers are complete the price will behave accordingly as you would expect from any other publicly traded company. It is your opportunity to invest today and be a major part of tomorrows banking system. You can be the next multi millionaire for only $100 per million shares.

What are you investing in? You are investing in the future of banking that will far outlast all banking systems in place today. We need a banking system that can finance the mega deals of the future of the space industry and beyond. We have looked at the numbers that is required to build fictional Star Ship Enterprise and concluded that it would take an enormous amount of cash as well as many, many banks to finance it. That is where we come in and take over.

Because at 1st Space Bank we believe that the next big thing is Space Commerce, Tourism and the Industrialization of Space. In order to finance these crazy ideas we need a bank that has the capital and the intestinal fortitude to go against all odds and create such a system.

We also believe that investing in the future of banking is also investing in new and different ideas that will advance humankind from the barbaric and idealistic views that in our opinion will eventually destroy us all. We are investing in knowledge not how much money we can make off of someones ideas but how much those ideas can advance humanity as a whole. After all we must stick together if we were to face an alien invasion. We are all one race of people with various ideas but in the end we can choose to destroy each other or we can work together to save humanity from its own self destruction and any threat we may not be aware of outside our own planet.

Knowledge is the new currency and that is what and how we will base how much a person is worth.

**You must request a prospectus and follow the rules and guidelines set forth under SEC rules and regulations.