The Future of Banking

The Future of Banking is Here

1st Space Bank building the future of  banking one small step at a time.

Here is how it will work.

  • First beginning next year we will launch a mini bank platform for testing. This will give us ideas of what works or doesn’t work. It will test the boundaries of new technology to its limits. The major idea of a bank in space came after the near global financial melt down of ’08 and ’09. We need a global system that operates separately from the current earth based banks. One that can be considered as a bank backup of sorts.
  • The second idea came as we will need a banking system that can reach the entire planet. That means from the North Pole to the South Pole from the eastern horizon to the western horizon. But wait that’s not all! We will eventually need a banking system that will be accessible from anywhere in our solar system. Because we are sending the full scale banking system to Geo-stationary orbit (22,300 miles or 35888.371 km) we will need two systems to cover both sides of the planet. A third and fourth will be in place later as backups and serve as relay stations in the event one should fail.
  • We are building a small cube sat that will house some of the equipment we need to send and receive signals to and from our new Transparent Bank Card™. The bank card will keep all of your data secure from unwanted sources. You will have access to all of your bank cards, credit cards, ID cards, passports, birth certificates, etc. the list goes on and on. When you make a purchase it can generate a QR code, a magnetic strip for those times when you need one (this technology is on it’s way out). We are building into these cards an encryption coding system that makes it virtually impossible to hack. No information is stored on the bank card and any transactions you make will disappear after a few seconds long enough for you to view it and make sure it is correct.
  • The bank card features three security measures using current technology available today.
    1. Biometrics more commonly known as a fingerprint scanner. We will incorporate sensors to detect your pulse and your temperature. Each card will have the option to create what we patented as Fingerprint Combination Lock
    2. Voice activation technology that will require a spoken passphrase to be repeated. The software will detect if you are under duress or if someone records your voice. It can detect any discrepancies from your voice over time.
    3. The Iris Scanner is still in its infancy and will be integrated into the bank card. This feature is the third and most secure feature of your bank card. We will use the latest and newest cameras, software and iris mapping technology available.

Because we are in Geo-stationary orbit that means that we will have the capabilities to send and receive transactions from the Moon, Mars, any comet, asteroid or any other planetary body that has a line of sight with the satellite. Eventually we will have a system on the other side of the moon. You know the part that is always facing away from us. Just in case we have any alien encounters that want to do business with us.So basically you will have access anywhere in the universe to your bank account.



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