Future Technology

Future Technology

Our future technology will not be exactly what we can imagine but some derivative of it. Buck Rogers (see wikipedia) in the 30’s used a Ray Gun as the weapon of choice. Today we would call it a laser gun, it shoots a beam of light with different intensity levels. Today we use this technology in surgeries, cutting metals, and many other applications.

What ever we dream up today will be an inspiration for future technology. Another example comes from the TV series Star Trek their communication device was called a “Communicator” (go figure).

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Dr. Martin Cooper invented the first handheld cellphone (called, “The Brick”) while working at Motorola and is known as, “the father of the cell phone”. This technology led to the Motorola MicroTAC, and the StarTAC cell phone the first handheld flip cell phones.

What can we expect for future technology?

  • Things will continue to get smaller in size and is heading towards micro sizes. Components are being manufactured on the microscopic level today. Intel has designed a computer CPU the size of a SD card.
  • Other technology is being developed that is designed to be flexible, clothing with sensors, holographics, Google Glass, and many more.
  • The biggest thing being developed today is Graphene this material will be used on future spacecraft, nanotubes, and bullet proof vests as well as many other uses.
  • We can expect to see a 3D heads up display that uses motion sensors and other built-ins to replace the desktop computer. We will even see the development of computers that can project holographic images in front of us and motion sensors to detect hand and arm movement. Some game consoles already use motion sensing technology to play games.

Future Banking Technology

  • Over the next 5 to 10 years we will see major advancements in banking technology.
  • The traditional credit/debit cards will disappear and will be replaced with a chip or will transition to your cell phone or communication device.
  • Cell phones will become obsolete as we move ahead to smaller technology and it might become something as simple as the wearable high tech watches we see today. But eventually it will just be a chip that is voice activated and will monitor our heart rates, blood pressure, glucose levels and much more.
  • Banking technology will become something is not even being thought or is not public knowledge yet.
    • 1st Space Bank is working on this future technology today.
  • Banking platforms will become more secure and less massive in size and still hold all of your data securely and ready at a moment’s notice.
  • ATM’s will change and may even disappear altogether. The bank of the future will be completely digital and the need for paper currency will likely disappear or be used very sparsely. Only those that are doing illegal transactions will probably use paper currency or some form of precious metals or precious stones like diamonds.
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