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1st Space Bank’s Online Banking is the quick, easy and secure way to do almost all of your banking. It’s real-time and always open.

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1st Space bank is creating a new banking system that will allow our customers to use online banking as you normally would with any bank. Once the banking platform is in place and operational from space at which time all accounts will be switched to the new banking platforms.

Enroll today for your account with us protect your hard earned money now. An account today will guarantee a smooth transition once the banking platform goes live in the near future.

Before our platform goes live you will receive the following:

  • Updates on our progress
  • 100 Shares of stock for a minimum new account deposit of £100 or $125 USD limited maximum 100 billion
    • Held in your account for growth and released to you once the platform goes live.
    • or until our stock exchange is up and running
    • You will be able to buy sell shares on one of the current global exchanges (you will be notified)
  • Transparent Bank Card (1st generation)
  • Your money is safe from global financial instabilities, Guaranteed
  • You will have the option to begin using your  account (Space Dollars) immediately with other businesses or individuals providing they have a 1st Space Bank Account.


New to online banking? (the following links coming soon)

  • Online Banking demo
  • Online security education
  • Protecting your privacy
  • Terms of use

Online banking will take on a new meaning once our platforms go live. Until then we will rely on the traditional banking methods. You will see both currency amounts in your accounts.

Help & Related Tasks

  • Problems with PFM (Personal Financial Management) software? (This will be a thing of the past)
  • Learn about 1st Space Bank Transparent Bank Card
  With Online Banking you can:
  • See real-time account information
  • View and download statements online
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Review account history fast with Power Search
  • Make stop payments
  • Pay bills to any business or individual
  • Setup e-mail alerts
  • View/Print cleared checks
  • Reorder checks
  • Personalize your online experience