Protect Your Money From A Global Financial Meltdown

Protect Your Money Today

Protect your money from a global financial meltdown today by opening an account with 1st Space Bank. Here your money is protected from any global financial crisis like the near miss in 2009. Because we are set up as an independent bank to be located and operated from space we have created a new system with a new currency that is not tied to or associated with any global financial systems. Other than perhaps an exchange rate.

What we discovered from the financial fiasco of 2008-2009 was that a financial meltdown is possible and eminent. It is not a matter of IF; it is a matter of when.

Protect your money from the next global financial meltdown. Which will be driven by greed, a global crisis, fear and panic. If terrorists gain control of any financial sector they could in theory destroy economies everywhere.

That leads us to the reason we have formed 1st Space Bank so that we can protect your money and your assets. We are currently looking for financial institutions to merge with and begin the process of transitioning to a new banking platform and system located and operated from space. Your account will show two different amounts one in the currency of origin (british pounds or US dollars, etc.) and the amount that your account has in Space Dollars. Every transaction in your earth based account will reflect the difference in Space dollars. Example: Today your have £1,000 in your Earth Based (EBA) account that equals SD13,500 tomorrow your EBA has £700 then your Space Account (SA) will reflect that difference, £700 X’s 13.5 = SD9,450.

You will also have the opportunity to buy and sell stocks, bonds etc. from our stock exchange in space. Listing your company on our exchange will be easy and much simpler than the current methods being used today. The criteria will be much the same and the same requirements will be similar but more lenient.

What we discovered is that many banks and financial institutions have not overhauled or replaced their operating systems in over 40 years. All that has been done is upgrades or patches, in some cases they have completely rebuilt their systems.

Until now, not one new operating system has been built. We have the only one of its kind. It is and will be the most secure system ever designed for banking. This guarantees that your money is safe from outsiders. Our encryption coding is the most secure with a 99.9% probability that it can not be broken. Once a transaction is encrypted it is unlikely that it can ever be intercepted at any point including once it hits your account.

In the coming year we will launch our prototypes (4 cubesats) for testing. These cubesats will provide the necessary and valuable input we need to insure the full size systems will work according to plan.

So how does a new system help protect your money from any global financial meltdown?

  1. Separate system from Earth’s financial systems
  2. Highly encrypted transactions
  3. Until space travel is an everyday occurrence Bank Robbers can’t get to it.
  4. New digital currency the Space Dollar
  5. Protect your money by putting it in an account in space where it is not affected by the fluctuations and dictatorial situations of Earth Bound Banks
  6. The bank is set up with 1.53 Quadrillion in Space Dollars enough to finance the Star Trek Enterprise 100 times over. The intent for so much money is to finance new companies, entrepreneurs, corporations, and governments for space development. Including: tourism, space mining, space exploration, colonization of celestial bodies, (the Moon, Mars, etc.)
  7. How is the currency backed? By the projected value of the aforementioned industries with the majority of it based on the estimated or appraised value of space mining. We know that here on Earth we have some elements that are rare and therefore making their value higher. Supply and demand type situation. So assuming that we are a very small portion of what is available on other planets, asteroids, etc. we can safely project a moderate amount of value on these elements that can be mined in space.
  8. By creating a separate entity for finance we can help boost the global economy and bring about advancement in space technology and propel humanity into space in 25 years or less.
  9. We discovered that the major reason that we haven’t become space travelers before now is politics and finance. Politicians especially in the United States prefer to spend money on other things than to spend it on getting humanity into space. That is why NASA has not been able to develop more and better technology and the primary reason we haven’t been back to the moon. (If we ever went at all, for those of you that believe that rhetoric).
    1. In a nutshell not enough money to finance the space industry overall.
    2. Let alone build anything near the size and scope of the Starship Enterprise. We estimate 3 to 30 trillion to build a starship of that size. The lower figure is just the starship alone. The higher number is what it might cost if we include building a drydock in space and supplying it with personnel etc. That also assumes we have the ability to get some of the materials off planet Earth and the tech to build the thing.
  10. So how safe is your money?
    1. Let’s look at history. There are many indications that the past repeats itself. Wikipedia List of Economic Crisis Below is a small list of financial crisis in the United States from 1873 to the crash of 1929 which led to the Great Depression lasting 10 years. You can avoid this by putting some of your money in 1st Space Bank or in 1st Space Financial Institution, Inc.
      1. Long Depression (1873–1896)
      2. 20th century
        • Panic of 1901, a U.S. economic recession that started a fight for financial control of the Northern Pacific Railway
        • Panic of 1907, a U.S. economic recession with bank failures
        1. Depression of 1920-21, a U.S. economic recession following the end of WW1
        2. Wall Street Crash of 1929 and Great Depression (1929–1939) the worst depression of modern history and its effects were felt all over the planet causing a domino or ripple effect. It was like global financial earthquake that impacted the entire world, and the United States was the epicenter. The same will happen in the future with the USA being the epicenter of the whole thing.
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  11. Protect your money today

    Protect your money
    Protect your money